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    This project is concerned with a favorite problem of web designers: websites look different in other browsers. Testing a new site in many browsers can be quite time-consuming.
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    The migration is fast and secure. Your password is encrypted and no more email address verification is required.
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    Remove the 32 bpp setting and use 24 bpp instead. You can try to run shotfactory.py -vvv (for very very verbose output) to see the exact commands that the shotfactory script is trying to run.
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    The best solution on Windows is to install the browser in a subdirectory of the shotfactory folder, e.g. shotfactory\firefox30, then enter firefox30\firefox.exe in the browser command field.
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    You may help us spread the word by placing a link on your website or blog. We have created some ready-to-use badgets for your convienence.
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    Website Tags
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    If NOTHING found in junk/spam folder, you may log in with your username and password, change a new email address and request a resend.
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    Some people have already added Browsershots to their <a href="http://www.delicious.com" target="_blank">Delicious</a> bookmarks, and some have blogged about it.
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    Browsershots has a multi-language interface to make it more personal for all users around the world. If you would like to help us do some translations, please drop a message to <a href="mailto:translate@browsershots.org">translate@browsershots.org</a>
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